Marketing Cruise Trip

The Cruise of a Lifetime I recently won a cruise for two and decided to take my wife out for Valentine’s day (I mean, I don’t think I can take anyone else without risking my life). It had to be one of the best cruises that I’ve ever been on, mostly because it was free and I didn’t have to pay for it. The cruise ship picked us up from Miami, Florida, and took us to the Bahamas.

Libation Costs

The best thing besides not paying for the cruise was the atmosphere; it really made both my wife and me feel like we were VIP on a luxurious ship. The staff knew how to treat everyone with professionalism and catered to our every need. Sipping martinis and getting back massages while cruising the sea was very relaxing and made us feel right at home. The only thing that irked me was how much we had to pay for the drinks.

Each drink was about $15, I mean, I couldn’t believe how outrageously priced they were! Both my wife and I drank about 4 – 5 drinks each, which I don’t think is much, but add that with the cost of food and our bill was just over $200. Makes you think we should have just snuck our own alcohol onto the cruise ship, or get drunk before we even boarded. I feel like the high prices of alcohol warranted us be a little devious and sneak a bottle of rum or two into the cabin of our cruise ship.

What We Think

Overall, the experience was good, we didn’t have to pay for the cruise, but the overpriced alcohol made us reconsider what we’ll do the next time we go on a cruise ship. It wouldn’t have been so bad if we didn’t have to also pay for a babysitter, which was about the same price as our bill, totaling just shy above $400. It really wasn’t too much money, but when you consider the fact that it’s a free cruise, and then you end up forking over $400, that can definitely make you rethink what to do next time to save money. Alcohol all on board, but next time, we’re bringing our own! Go check out and grab their product to do what I did.

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